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Issue of new shares and reduction of SPP price

Cooks Global Foods Limited (NZX: CGF) has today issued 2,636,598 fully paid ordinary shares to private investors. The issue price of the allotments is $0.12 to an investor who made a substantial investment of over $160,000. The balance of the shares have been issued at an issue price of $0.13 per share. 

These subscriptions have raised just over $300,000 for CGF. Full details of the allotments are set out below.

Reduction of SPP Issue Price

The current CGF share purchase plan is scheduled to close tomorrow. The Board of CGF has resolved the following:

  • To reduce the issue price of a share under share purchase plan to $0.13 per share from $0.19.
  • To extend the closing date a final time to allow shareholders an opportunity to consider the reduced price. The offer will now close on Friday 16 May 2014 with allotment occurring shortly thereafter.

For and on behalf of the Board
Keith Jackson

Class of Security: Ordinary shares
Number issued: 2,636,598
Issue price: $0.13 per share for 1,277,961 shares; and $0.12 per share for 1,358,637 shares. 
Payment in cash: Yes
Fully paid: Yes
Percentage of class: 1.016% 
Purpose of the issue: For working capital purposes
Total number of ordinary shares on issue following allotments: 2,636,598
Authority for the acquisition: Board resolutions
Date of issue: 29 April 2014


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