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Quarterly Releases
[20180522] 2019 Q4 Release
[20180225]2019 Q3 Release
[20181108]2019 Q2 Release
[20180829]2019 Q1 Release
[20180531] 2018 Q4 Release
[20180221] 2018 Q3 Release
[20171114] 2018 Q2 Release Correction
[20170803]2018 Q1 Release 
[20170420]2017 Q4 Release
[20170202]2017 Q3 Release
[20161022]2017 Q2 Release
[20160822]2017 Q1 Release

Shareholder Meeting Presentations
2018 AGM Presentation Results
2017 AGM Presentation  Results
2017 EGM Presentation
2016 AGM Presentation
2015 EGM Presentation
2015 AGM Presentation
2014 AGM Presentation
2013 AGM Presentation

Notice of Meeting
2017 AGM Notice of Meeting 
2017 EGM Notice of Meeting
2016 AGM Notice of Meeting
2015 EGM Notice of Meeting
2015 AGM Notice of Meeting 
2014 AGM Notice of Meeting
2013 AGM Notice of Meeting

Company Presentations
[20181002]NZX Retail Investor Presentation
[20180831] Mojo acquisition capital raising presentation
[20171122] Presentation [European Coffee Symposium – Warsaw 2017]
[20160601]Company Presentation
[20140331]Company Presentation
[20130917]Cooks Company Profile

Company Constitution
2019 Constitution Amendments
2017 New Constitution



Annual Reports

Interim Reports
2019 Updated
2018 Appendix
2016  Appendix

Preliminary Reports

Independent Reports
RaaS Advisory Pty Report 22 December 2017
Edison Report 3 August 2017 
Independent Adviser's Report 2017
Independent Adviser's Report 2015
Edison Report 17 August 2015
Edison Report 29 April 2014
Independent Adviser's Report 2013


Market Announcements
[20190830] Director nominations
[20190801]Cooks appoints new CFO; annual report delayed
[20190614] Migration to NZX
[20190530] Director Appointment and Chief Financial Officer Resignation
[20190423] Independent valuation of China business complete
[20190329] Chief Financial Officer Appointment
[20190123] Notice of Issue of Securities
[20181031] Notice of Issue of Securities
[20181031] Transaction Update
[20181024]Extension of condition date in Mojo acquisition
[20180815]Cooks reaches conditional agreement to acquire Mojo Coffee
[20171213]Cooks opens first Esquires store in mainland Europe
[20171109] Cooks provides update on Chinese and Middle East JVs
[20170921] Cooks to establish JV for Middle East, Africa and West Asia
[20170803]Research Report for Cooks Global Foods Limited
[20170731]Cooks Global Foods releases annual report
[20170713]Cooks Reorganises Esquires China to Drive Growth
[20170413]Cooks Targets Transition to Cashflow Break-even in FY18
[20170203]Cooks Global Foods RCN Offer to Remain Open
[20161222]Market Update-Change in External Auditor
[20161209]Issue of Securities Notification
[20161117] RCN Capital Raising        Investor Presentation
[20141208]Market Update-Change in External Auditor 
[20141202] Market Update-Bank Covenant
[20140923]Cooks Concludes Indonesia Deal
[20140916]Proposed Acquisition of China Master Franchise
[20140826]Esquires Expands into Northern Cyprus 
[20140812]Cooks Finalises Terms for 40 Esquires stores in Indonesia
[20140430]Edison report values Cooks  Shares at $0.275 a share
[20140214]Franchise Deals in Oman and Qatar and acquisition of Design House
[20131018]Acquisition of Scarborough Fair 
[20131104]Cooks signals share purchase plan
[20131023]Growth Strategy Gathers Pace  
[20131015]Cooks Completes Acquisitions       
[20131001]MEMO: Name Change    
[20131001]Name and Ticker Code Change
[20130607]Cooks Enters Transformational Share Purchase Agreement

[20180829] Financing Update-CIHL
[20180212] Share buyback
[20180209] Share buyback
[20180208] Share buyback
[20180205] Share buyback
[20171103] Share buyback
[20171101] Share buyback
[20171031] Share buyback
[20171017] Share buyback
[20171009] Share buyback
[20171006] Share buyback
[20170911] Share buyback
[20170829] Share buyback 
[20170828] Share buyback
[20170824] Share buyback
[20170811] Issue of New Shares (SPP)
[20170804]Share Buyback announcement 
[20170630]Share Purchase Plan Booklet
[20170630]Share Allotment
[20170629]2017 EMG Meeting Results
[20170620]Share Purchase Plan Timetable
[20170614]Cooks Seeks Approval for Share Buy Back Programme
[20170331]Issue of New Shares-Employee Share Scheme
[20170320]CGF Secures $10 million in New Capital
[20170202]CGF Major Shareholders to provide Growth Funding
[20170120] CIHL Continues as Investment Vehicle
[20160907]2016 AGM Results
[20160119]Completion of Share Transactions
[20151222]Completion of Capital Raising
[20150929]2015 AGM Results
[20150914]2015 AGM Meeting Announcement
[20150811]Market Update-Capital Injection (conditional) 
[20141117]Share Purchase Plan Announcement 
[20141117]Appendix 4: Notice of event affecting securities
[20140930]2014 AGM Results
[20140811]Allotment of Shares to Norah Barlow
[20140804]Annual General Meeting and Director nominations
[20140620]Issue of New Shares and Director Appointment
[20140429]Issue of New Shares and Reduction of SPP Price
[20140402]Issue of New Shares
[20140314]Extension of SPP and Acquisition Update
[20140124]Share Purchase Plan Extension
[20131211]Share Purchase Plan Offer Booklet
[20131211]Share Purchase Plan Application Form
[20131001]Meeting Results and Board Changes

Board of Directors
[20190830]Director nominations
[20190308]Director Resignation
[20190227] Director Appointment and Financing Update
[20170823]Director Nominations
[20170810] D&O Ongoing Disclosure for Craig Brown
[20170728]D&O Ongoing Disclosure for Craig Brown
[20170331]D&O Notice-Craig Brown
[20160722]Director Nominations
[20160429]New Board Appointments
[20150703]Director resignation
[20131211]Cooks Appoints Noarh Barlow to Board
[20131021]D&O Notice-Stuart Deeks 
[20131021]D&O Notice-Andrew Kerslake 
[20131021]D&O Notice-Lewis Deeks 
[20131021]D&O Notice-Keith Jackson

SSH & SPH  Disclosure
[20181123]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180829] SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180720]SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson; Graeme Keith Jackson, Patricia Frances Jackson and Philip Mack Picot
[20180720]SPH Notice-Andrew Malcolm Kerslake
[20180427]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180410]SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180306]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20171222]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20171011]SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson, Patricia Frances Jackson and Phillip Mack Picot
[20170630]SPH Notice - Jiajiayue Holding Group Limited
[20170630]SPH-Yunnan Metropolitan Construction Investment Group
[20170331]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20170228]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20170120]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson Schedule to Notice
[20160119]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson 
[20160119]SSH-Shandong Jiajiayue Investment Holding Co. Limited
[20160119]SSH-DSL Management Limited
[20160119]SSH-Beijing Yunnan Building Hotel Co., Limited.
[20131015]SSH-ADG Investments Limited
[20131015]SSH - DSL Management Limited
[20131015]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson