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Market Announcements
[20190329] Chief Financial Officer Appointment
[20190123] Notice of Issue of Securities
[20181031] Notice of Issue of Securities
[20181031] Transaction Update
[20181024]Extension of condition date in Mojo acquisition
[20180815]Cooks reaches conditional agreement to acquire Mojo Coffee
[20171213]Cooks opens first Esquires store in mainland Europe
[20171109] Cooks provides update on Chinese and Middle East JVs
[20170921] Cooks to establish JV for Middle East, Africa and West Asia
[20170803]Research Report for Cooks Global Foods Limited
[20170731]Cooks Global Foods releases annual report
[20170713]Cooks Reorganises Esquires China to Drive Growth
[20170413]Cooks Targets Transition to Cashflow Break-even in FY18
[20170203]Cooks Global Foods RCN Offer to Remain Open
[20161222]Market Update-Change in External Auditor
[20161209]Issue of Securities Notification
[20161117] RCN Capital Raising        Investor Presentation
[20141208]Market Update-Change in External Auditor 
[20141202] Market Update-Bank Covenant
[20140923]Cooks Concludes Indonesia Deal
[20140916]Proposed Acquisition of China Master Franchise
[20140826]Esquires Expands into Northern Cyprus 
[20140812]Cooks Finalises Terms for 40 Esquires stores in Indonesia
[20140430]Edison report values Cooks  Shares at $0.275 a share
[20140214]Franchise Deals in Oman and Qatar and acquisition of Design House
[20131018]Acquisition of Scarborough Fair 
[20131104]Cooks signals share purchase plan
[20131023]Growth Strategy Gathers Pace  
[20131015]Cooks Completes Acquisitions       
[20131001]MEMO: Name Change    
[20131001]Name and Ticker Code Change
[20130607]Cooks Enters Transformational Share Purchase Agreement

[20180829] Financing Update-CIHL
[20180212] Share buyback
[20180209] Share buyback
[20180208] Share buyback
[20180205] Share buyback
[20171103] Share buyback
[20171101] Share buyback
[20171031] Share buyback
[20171017] Share buyback
[20171009] Share buyback
[20171006] Share buyback
[20170911] Share buyback
[20170829] Share buyback 
[20170828] Share buyback
[20170824] Share buyback
[20170811] Issue of New Shares (SPP)
[20170804]Share Buyback announcement 
[20170630]Share Purchase Plan Booklet
[20170630]Share Allotment
[20170629]2017 EMG Meeting Results
[20170620]Share Purchase Plan Timetable
[20170614]Cooks Seeks Approval for Share Buy Back Programme
[20170331]Issue of New Shares-Employee Share Scheme
[20170320]CGF Secures $10 million in New Capital
[20170202]CGF Major Shareholders to provide Growth Funding
[20170120] CIHL Continues as Investment Vehicle
[20160907]2016 AGM Results
[20160119]Completion of Share Transactions
[20151222]Completion of Capital Raising
[20150929]2015 AGM Results
[20150914]2015 AGM Meeting Announcement
[20150811]Market Update-Capital Injection (conditional) 
[20141117]Share Purchase Plan Announcement 
[20141117]Appendix 4: Notice of event affecting securities
[20140930]2014 AGM Results
[20140811]Allotment of Shares to Norah Barlow
[20140804]Annual General Meeting and Director nominations
[20140620]Issue of New Shares and Director Appointment
[20140429]Issue of New Shares and Reduction of SPP Price
[20140402]Issue of New Shares
[20140314]Extension of SPP and Acquisition Update
[20140124]Share Purchase Plan Extension
[20131211]Share Purchase Plan Offer Booklet
[20131211]Share Purchase Plan Application Form
[20131001]Meeting Results and Board Changes

Board of Directors
[20190308]Director Resignation
[20190227] Director Appointment and Financing Update
[20170823]Director Nominations
[20170810] D&O Ongoing Disclosure for Craig Brown
[20170728]D&O Ongoing Disclosure for Craig Brown
[20170331]D&O Notice-Craig Brown
[20160722]Director Nominations
[20160429]New Board Appointments
[20150703]Director resignation
[20131211]Cooks Appoints Noarh Barlow to Board
[20131021]D&O Notice-Stuart Deeks 
[20131021]D&O Notice-Andrew Kerslake 
[20131021]D&O Notice-Lewis Deeks 
[20131021]D&O Notice-Keith Jackson

SSH & SPH  Disclosure
[20181123]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180829] SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180720]SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson; Graeme Keith Jackson, Patricia Frances Jackson and Philip Mack Picot
[20180720]SPH Notice-Andrew Malcolm Kerslake
[20180427]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180410]SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20180306]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20171222]SPH Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
[20171011]SPH Notice-Graeme Keith Jackson, Patricia Frances Jackson and Phillip Mack Picot
[20170630]SPH Notice - Jiajiayue Holding Group Limited
[20170630]SPH-Yunnan Metropolitan Construction Investment Group
[20170331]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20170228]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson
[20170120]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson Schedule to Notice
[20160119]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson 
[20160119]SSH-Shandong Jiajiayue Investment Holding Co. Limited
[20160119]SSH-DSL Management Limited
[20160119]SSH-Beijing Yunnan Building Hotel Co., Limited.
[20131015]SSH-ADG Investments Limited
[20131015]SSH - DSL Management Limited
[20131015]SSH-Graeme Keith Jackson