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Cooks Global Foods (Cooks)owns the international intellectual property and master franchising rights to the Esquires Coffee brand (excluding Australia and New Zealand).

In the UK, Ireland and China it directly operates and franchises Esquires Coffee stores; whilst in the Romania, Portugal, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia and Canada it has master franchise agreements. It operates an in-house design company, Design Environments to ensure Esquires’ Organic, Fairtrade, natural, environmentally responsible, artisan and authentic core values are embedded in all Esquires stores.

Cooks also owns Scarborough Fair and Grounded Responsible Coffee, respectively a supplier of Organic and Fairtrade tea and coffee.

Cooks operates a JV company Crux Products Ltd to channel high quality products between New Zealand and China.

CGF operates in global markets and is listed on the NZAX market (NZAX: CGF).

Cooks Global Foods focuses on three fundamental business elements:

  • Operations of the international footprint under the established Esquires Coffee Houses brand principally utilising a franchise model. Esquires uses exclusively organic and Fairtrade Coffee and delivers artisan style coffee through local people.

  • Supply businesses in the food and beverage sectors to develop a self-managed and efficient distribution chain.

  • Growth of the retail and supply sides of the group through a combination of organic growth, further acquisitions and the appointment of Master Franchises in new markets.


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Core business

Esquires Coffee 

Esquires was founded in 1993 in Canada and has expanded steadily around the world since that time. From Vancouver to the UK and Ireland, throughout the Middle East and China the Esquires Coffee brand offers customers a unique Fairtrade and Organic beverage range in comfortable and modern surroundings. Over the years the brand has continuously evolved ensuring both customer satisfaction and fun profitable franchising partnerships worldwide. 

Esquires currently are available in 9 countries and regions.


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Esquires UK   •Esquires Ireland  •Esquires Indonesia   

Brand value

Organic and Fairtrade
Artisan & Authentic
New Zealand Culture & Heritage
Natural & Environmentally Responsible
Sustainable & Ethically Sourced
Local personality & Community Focused




Retail businesses

Grounded Responsible Coffee

Grounded is a new retail range of fresh coffee, taking sustainability to the next level. All of our coffee is Climate Neutral, meaning we neutralize our carbon footprint by planting trees in some of the regions from which we source coffee, and in New Zealand; and it’s all certified 100% Organic and Fairtrade. The range includes whole coffee beans, plunger grind and Nespresso compatible capsules.

Tastes good, feels better!


Brand value

High quality
Great design
Better for the planet
Better for people
Keep innovating


Where to find us


•Nearby Countdown and New World  (New Zealand )

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Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair was acquired in October 2013 and is a wholesaler of Organic and Fairtrade teas, coffees and chocolates. There are many synergies with the Scarborough Fair product range and the products sold through the Esquires Coffee Houses internationally.


Brand value

Organic and Fairtrade

Where to find us


• Nearby Countdown and New World (New Zealand) 




Crux Products

Crux Products started trading from July 2016 and has made steady progress and formed a long term development strategy.

To date, Crux has established a network of contacts with a number of high quality New Zealand food and beverage manufacturers. In addition to supplying wine, water, beer and squash into  Chinese supermarkets, Crux is currently in advanced discussions with several suppliers to expand the range


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Cooks Global Foods Office

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